Furaria World

Furaria — exclusive limited collection of characters for Singular. Each is unique and plays his own role in Furaria’s evolution. One thing that keeps this world together is extreme fluffiness. Maybe you can find some resemblance with our world. Collection includes 99 items: 55 Common, 22 Limited, 11 Rare, 9 Legendary, 2 Secret. They will be divided into 33 chapters that will consist of 3 characters united by one common topic.

Chapter I. Demiurges

The Creator

Legendary. The One from the flock, that rises above and makes his dreams real. Designer and architect of the new world, lifebringer of all Furaria.

The Visionary

Legendary. The One who has a vision of Furaria’s future. He foresees the ways of evolution, and how to become the most technologically advanced civilization. He offers the fruit of knowledge, new technologies, new planets and better life. And only You decide to take it or leave it.

The Inventor

Legendary. The One who can bring to life all the ideas of the Visionary. A little crazy, few can comprehend him, but he always reaches his goals. If you don’t understand him, that’s your problem, not his.

Chapter II. Explorers

The Astronaut

Rare. Exploring the distant parts of the world takes some courage and aspiration. Nothing can distract this little buddy from his goal. Almost nothing.

The Sailor

Common. Polka dot octopus explore new shores and bring something to those who he comes across. He can see many things under the moon, even if he lost his eye in some strange circumstances. On stranger tides, comes stranger sailors.

The Traveller

Limited. #0 The Fool Tarot card. The first card of the 22 Limited cards of Major Arcana, indicates new beginnings, freedom, adventure, travel, foolishness, spontaneity, also the precursor of The Joker. He may possess great power, but he doesn’t know how to use it. “I’m going on an adventure!”— he says, and goes out of his front door, and he never knows what he is gonna get: new experience or last resting place.

Chapter III. Mystical Explorations and Encounters

The Oracle

Common. The future is vague. Oracle tries to look inside it, and make some precognition. He uses his powers, his gift, so that magic worlds, trees, objects are talking to him. He hears some words: singular, money, sell, kusama, buy, remark, hold the door, hold, hodl, hodl, hodl, hodl. What does it mean? No one knows for sure. But the truth is that there is no spoon.

The Magician

Limited. #1 The Magician Tarot card. Number one means that he is the first to learn and catch new beginnings and opportunities. The Magician converts thoughts and energy into matter, he brings You the tools and resources to make dreams come true. Endless possibilities now are at Your hands, just take action and bring intention to fruition. “Whoosh!” and all thoughts turn into reality.

The Hunter

Rare. This Hunter is right in the middle of something. Something strange is going on here and You better not cross his stream when he is at work. New world Is a pretty place, and that place attracts many creatures, including those who lurk in the darkest places of the universe. Someone got to keep them away from Furaria. And this Hunter is one of the protectors of the world. It’s hard to stay persistent looking into the abyss, but that should be done. Looks like he got a bunch of haunted problems on his hands.

Chapter IV. Divine Revelation

The Lightbringer

Common. Many believe that The Creator speaks his will through the prophets, who communicate the truth and knowledge to His children on Furaria. And Lightbringer is the first of them, he brings the light to the world, he brings joy and belief in a brighter future. The planet was dark and full of terrors, but now it is enlightened with jolly lights. We will feast on the morrow!

The High Priestess

Limited. #2 The High Priestess Tarot card. Panda is crowned with the Papal tiara symbolizing the indwelling presence of divine knowledge and her status as a divine ruler. She brings the secret knowledge to you on the one hand, and delight on the other. The Pillar of Establishment and The Pillar of Strength, they also symbolize duality: darkness and light, masculine and feminine, good and evil. Only the One who can accept this duality receives the powers to control and prosper. Accepting that, you’ll understand that there is no secret ingredient, it’s just you.

The Joybringer

Commom. This jolly fellow brings the divine gifts to everyone, who behaved well this year. He represents divine order and fairness while giving the gifts. His eyes are closed and ears are shut to all your pleads. He just does what should be done to those who deserve it. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!